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Network Television Show and HD Webcasts Premiere Summer 2023

We are seeking talented Media Producers, Singers, Songwriters, Record Producers, Video Editors, Animators, Models, Actors, Writers, Journalists, Educators, Painters, Videographers, Content Creators and more for a series of Network TV Shows.  Auditions are as close as your Smart Phone or Tablet where artists will use our new global Media Audition Submission System (M.A.S.S.) on Mobile Tablets and Smartphones with Media Partners DropKey, MediaBook, Facebook and YouTube.

  • 2023 - HITMAKERS Global Auditions on all Mobile Tablets and Smartphones with cross-platform Interactivity
  • Download free Smart-Voting App with multi-dimensional, scaleable Voting for Artists and Contestants
  • DropKey, inc. announces the free Hitmakers mobile application with 4K DropKey Pop-up Studios and Smart-Voting (tm)

    Feb. 2, 2022 HOLLYWOOD, CA (APD/TDN News) - “DropKey, Inc. has developed and received worldwide patent protection to license mobile applications and manufacture the first portable, flight-ready DropKey® Pop-up™ Studio In A Bag®, enabling smart devices users to make crisp, well-lit HD green-screen background replacement content on tablets and smartphones. According to Rockwell Scharer, Chief Executive Officer of DropKey, Inc., "We saw a very big niche in TV 3.0 where big TV Producers like Mark Burnett, Endemol and Fremantle can reduce budgets significantly and increase their revenue streams to revolutionize content creation on the mobile platform. Television shows made with smart devices is here with Hitmakers TV Show. 40+ television shows will be created on the web, resulting in network TV programming showing the cream rising to the top. Users will be able to make Lord Of The Rings at home, Steven Spielberg and J.J. Abrams will find proteges and farm talent across the globe, and television news will change significantly. Our developers discover new applications every day for this new advanced portal that will serve or create significant and scaleable vertical markets. Due to advances in the robust processing power of tablets and smartphones, along with the confluence of cloud technology and cloudmining for advertisers, we believe DropKey will set the bar for digital asset management for consumers who will be able to make well-lit content with background replacement at home or on the road, creating thousands of jobs." DropKey has developed a hearty, collapsible Professional Sound and Lighting portal called the DropKey® Pop-up Studio™ In A Bag®, optimized for tablets and smartphones with HD background replacement, and will be marketed to TikTok amateurs and professionals starting at $599 at and " 

    June 7, 2022 HOLLYWOOD, CA (APD/TDN News) “DropKey, Inc. announces its global monetization and revenue model for tablets and smartphones, creating or serving new and scalable vertical market segments with the new DropKey Pop-up Studio-In-A-Bag. Businesses can white-label license the mobile camera application so producers and content creators can utilize technological meritocracy and crowdsourcing, while creating lots of jobs worldwide. Signature features include HD At-Home Performance Capture and the Media Audition Submission System, utilizing new crowdsourcing tools. Advertisers win big via cloudmining for instant target marketing of tens of millions of consumers with watermarked content and digital asset management in the cloud. daily."